Welcome to the Future Butterfly Theatre Company

Future Butterfly Theatre Company is a London based theatre company who, as our name suggests, focuses on growth and evolution, taking something unassuming and making it unique. This philosophy applies to everything in our artistic field. We want the shows we produce to be the best versions that they can be. We want the actors, writers, directors, crew and anyone who is part of the creative process to feel comfortable so they can discover new parts of themselves. We want our audiences to find new meaning in what they thought they knew.

Future Butterfly Theatre Company will be producing published work and new writing as well as small events showcasing the very best of the diverse, emerging talent that the creative world has to offer.

We at Future Butterfly Theatre Company firmly believe everyone is an artist, they just need to be set free.


Edinburgh Fringe Pick N Mix


We are very excited to announce our first project, Stagnation.

Stagnation was filmed as part of Edinburgh Fringe Pick N Mix.

Starring the ever wonderful Gregory Szender, Stagnation is a glimpse of a larger project planned for 2021. Please show your support by visiting Edinburgh Fringe Pick N Mix online and watching what everyone has worked on.

This provided us with such a great opportunity. Despite the current global situation it showed us that with hard work and lots of trust we can make theatre anywhere.

Written by: Jack Sapsford

Produced By: Katrina Sofia and Jack Sapsford

See more at the Edinburgh Fringe AJ Bell Pick N Mix site.

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It's a sad fact that arts funding is hard to obtain and an even sadder fact that it's hard to get audiences in to theatres.

Putting on theatre is tough, incredible but tough. We at Future Butterfly Theatre Company love the work, it’s what we have chosen to devote our lives to. The stress, the tears and the fun. However, there is one universal language in pursuing anything, money. Commitment, passion, dedication sadly can’t pay for performance rights to put plays on for you, most importantly it can’t pay the incredible actors, directors, lighting, set and costume designers who bring the plays to life. We want to create theatre where everyone is paid their wage so they can pursue their ambitions along with us.

To help you help us, we've teamed up with Patreon. Please find out more by checking out our page at

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Who We Are


Jack Sapsford

Jack is an actor, writer, director and producer who has appeared in a range of classical and contemporary plays.

Upon graduating drama school Jack co-produced two plays at a London theatre before co-founding the Future Butterfly Theatre Company in order to continue creating new material and growing as an artist.

Jack is represented by Red Talent Management.


Katrina Sofia

Katrina is an artist and trained actor based in London. Having graduated from an independent drama school in 2019 and achieving a BA in Acting, Katrina co produced two shows with Apparition Theatre in London.

As co-founder of Future Butterfly Theatre Company, Katrina is approaching theatre and film with a primary focus on the visual and interdisciplinary aspects of the performance mediums.